3 Foods You Need To Avoid To Own Better Teeth

The saying that you are what you eat has never been truer when you see someone with bad teeth and know that they’ve been snacking on chocolates a lot or smoking too much. In other words, the food you eat goes a long way in shaping your outlook and entire life. So even when it comes to your teeth it is necessary that you avoid foods that could put them in harm’s way. And here are some of them.


Drinking in itself is not really recommended by many experts especially because it would be killing your liver before time. However when it comes to teeth it plays a huge role in yellowing them up bad! It also dries up your mouth causing there to be a lack of saliva and a sufficient amount of saliva needs to be present in the teeth to make sure that they remain healthy. This is because saliva helps wash up the food residue by preventing it from sticking on to the teeth. It also prevents early tooth decay, oral infections and all other sorts of complications. So love yourself, your body and your money and take better care of your teeth to avoid spending thousands on an emergency dentist Chatswood after messing up your teeth really bad!

Sour sweets

Sweets or candy that is sour is a snack you should be avoid specially if you have to have healthy teeth for as long as possible. Candy in itself is bad because it causes cavities and many frequent dentists visits, however with the sour kinds it is even worse since they include different kinds of acids that are really bad for your teeth. And since they aren’t easily digestible and need to be chewed thoroughly, there is a chance that they would stick on to your teeth and this could cause cavities. But let’s be real, all of us do once in a while crave sweets, so in such instances it would be alright to chump down a on slab of chocolate and brush away the residue!


How many cans of Coke have you been drinking a week or a day? if it is more than you can count and you recently notice your teeth turning yellow, now you know who and what to blame. Carbonated soda causes plaque to produce more acid, harming your tooth enamel. It also dries up your mouth like alcohol thus limiting the amount of saliva in your mouth and we all know what happens from there onwards. So think twice the next time you are near the vending machine or in front of the soda rack in a store. In addition to the above also make sure you avoid foods like white bread, potato chips, citrus and sticky dried fruits, as they are all harmful to your teeth when consumed beyond limits. So stick to the recommended amounts and think before you pop something in to your mouth!

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