How To Maintain A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is the best way to showcase your oral health. Your smile can say a lot about your personality, confidence and social skills. Your smile may be a trait that most people firstly notice in you and hence it can be vital at job interviews or dates. Having poor oral health can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and much more serious illnesses such as oral cancer and strokes. Taking good care of your teeth will prevent such disease so here are some simple daily steps to follow. 

Brush properly
First, you need to select a brush that suits you. If you have sensitive gums, go for soft bristles but if you need a better cleaning, go for hard bristles. Next, hold the brush in a 45 degree angle so that it is in contact with the teeth and gums both. Use an up-down and sideways movements to ensure you clean the surface thoroughly but ensure you avoid bleeding. It is essential to brush at least twice a day to prevent food remaining on your teeth and bacteria buildup. If you are unable to brush twice, wash your mouth with salt water or plain water to reduce the amount of food remains.

  • Floss
    You might often forget to floss since you are in a hurry to run out the door in the mornings or jump into bed at night. However, flossing is essential since it can reach places between teeth that the toothbrush bristles or mouthwash cannot reach. Flossing for at least once per day is recommended to ensure no food substances remain.
    • Visit the dental clinic
      It is advised to visit the dentist South Yarra once every six months to get a full oral clean up and treatment. He will be able to identify problems sooner before they aggravate so that you don’t have to face complications later on. Even after regular brushing and flossing, you might experience gum redness, bleeding, misaligned teeth, gums that are separating from the teeth, high sensitivity to hot or cold foods etc. So visit him as soon as you experience them.
      • Avoid tobacco

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