Corporate Vaccination And Its Benefits

Each year about 20% of the Australians get affected by influenza. So, it is obvious that some of the employees of your company too will be affected by it in the coming season. The effect of influenza can be quite debilitating not only for the affected persons, but also for his family members and also for the company in which they are working. Generally, a man affected with flu takes around a week’s leave, and if his condition deteriorates, the sick leave may extend much more. This affects his work productivity and if there are a number of employees suffering from flu, it will disturb the productivity of the company as a whole, and it will run in losses.

We all are aware of the fact that flu can be destructive to our society, and hence we should take necessary preventive measures so as to keep ourselves healthy and save our company from getting into losses. One of the best ways to cope this up is to host corporate flu vaccinations programs in workplaces. Investing in hosting such programs for vaccination every year is far better than running your businesses into losses. At the end of the day, you will feel glad to see your staffs attending office regularly and the staffs, on the other hand will feel happy and satisfied working in such a company where the employers are concerned with the health of their employees.

Australia’s Adelaide has got several such flu vaccination service providers who are efficient and convenient. They offer two types of flu vaccines- trivalent flu vaccine (3 components) and quadrivalent flu vaccine(4 components).

Why workplace vaccination program is necessary in the corporate world?

Workplace vaccination is necessary because of the following reasons:

• It reduces absenteeism and number of sick leave of the workers because of influenza by 25-35%.

• It leaves a smaller negative impact on the workplace output.

• It stimulates a healthy workforce.

• It results in significant return on investment, especially during the season of influenza.

• It exhibits company’s interest and concern for its employees’ health and well being.

• It restricts the disruption of employees and bigger workload for the employees who are not affected by influenza.

• It leads to reduction of absence due to appointments and check-ups.

• The flu vaccination is 70-90% effective in averting illness created by influenza virus in healthy adults.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a workplace vaccination provider

• Providing onsite services

• Using vaccination qualified personnel and vaccination nurses

• Complying with the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines

• Maintaining a cold chain management of the vaccine

• Holding the suitable and appropriate health services permits for storing and administering the vaccine

• Taking care of scheduling and all types of paper works

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