Having Money For Emergencies

For most of us, having a medical emergency is one of our worst nightmares not because we are afraid of being sick but simply because of the very high costs involved with medical emergencies, hospitals and doctors. The sad truth is that, at the end of the day, the medical industry is nothing but a money making business that is designed to make as much money off of us in our most vulnerable situation. In any other circumstance, we have the choice whether we want to buy the product or not but in this case we have no choice but to spend the money which is why these prices are so very high.

The truth is that we cannot ever predict when a medical emergency might occur. We all live like there is no tomorrow but the truth is that we might wake up tomorrow and find out that we suddenly need emergency colorectal surgery in Brisbane. Brisbane statistics show that serious illnesses among young people becoming increasingly common which is indeed a very scary state of affairs.

The main reason that we are seeing a sharp rise in young people needing to see doctors for severe ailments and a rise from everything from cancer to diabetes is because of the diets that we consume on a daily basis laced with chemicals and preservatives. As a young person, if you eat a lot of processed food, which you no doubt do, do not be surprised if you may need to make an emergency visit to a doctor for an open access gastroscopy. Brisbane youngsters in particular are at a risk of this.

Ways to save money

You might think that you have no way at all of saving money because you usually run out at the end of the month but the truth is that without your knowledge, you could very well be spending excess money on a daily basis. From the small amounts on impulse purchases such as a donut or a piece of cake the extremely high credit card interest rates that we pay each month without our knowledge, cutting down costs is indeed possible. One easy way to save money is to get rid of your credit card altogether and use cash. You will be very surprised to see how much less money you are spending each month by doing this. This way, if you do not have money in hand, you will not buy certain things whereas with a credit card, you would not think twice. It is also a good idea to have a kids till that you can put your coins in in order to save up some money every day, no matter how little.

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